Enterprise Introduction

Shandong Stopart Brake Materials Co., Ltd. is an entity enterprise integrating research and development and production of carbon/carbon, carbon/ceramic (CMC) composites as well as relative products. The main products are carbon/carbon and carbon/ceramic composites, which are widely used in automotive brakes.

Shandong Stopart Brake Materials Co., Ltd. carries the mission of “promoting change, leading progress” and the vision of “becoming a continuous leader in CMC material development and application”. We are committed to becoming "the world's most professional design and manufacturer of carbon/carbon, carbon/ceramic brake materials and relative products, and provide high-quality products for friction braking by management innovation and technological innovation.

Shandong Stopart Brake Materials Co., Ltd. cooperates with many key universities at home and abroad, and specializes in the research and development of friction products. Carbon/carbon and carbon/ceramic composites enjoy higher levels at home and abroad. The products owe excellent performances of light weight, high strength and high temperature resistance, and have been successfully applied to famous models such as Porsche, Maserati, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and others.


Products introduction

carbon ceramic brake disk

Carbon ceramic composites are high-end brake discs made of carbon fiber reinforced ceramic matrix (SiC), which are generally used in high-performance vehicles such as professional racing cars and high-end sports cars.

  • Excellent Performance

    Short braking distance, corrosion resistance and braking torque is not affected by the environment.

  • High Comfort

    No vibration, no noise.

  • Light Weight

    Fast braking response, easy operation.

Enterprise qualification

  • ISO9001
    Quality Certification

  • TS16949
    Automotive Industry Quality System Certification

  • Measurement Management
    System Certification

  • Intellectual Property
    Management System Certification

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