• Low weight
    More flexible manipulation.

    The density of carbon-ceramic is only about 1/3 that of gray cast iron, which can effectively reduce the unsprung weight and enhance the vehicle controlling.

  • High friction coefficient
    Short braking distance and safer braking.

    Carbon/ceramic braking systems have stronger braking performance, making braking more secure and reliable.

  • No wet attenuation
    The braking force does not decrease on rainy days.
  • High chemical resistance
    No rust corrosion, and resistance of acid, alkali, salt erosion.
  • No heat fading
    The braking force does not decay at high temperature.

    In the case of continuous braking at high temperature, the braking force of the carbon/ceramic system has almost no attenuation.

  • Long service life
    More durable.

    The disc and pad of carbon/ceramic brake system has a longer life than the disc and pad of cast iron.